Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Not So Fun Part

Besides cleaning out the pen once a year with the tractor, we have to keep the entryway to the creep feeder clear of buildup so that the lambs can fit through the rungs to get to their own space and food supply. In the creep area they are free of overbearing and always hungry parents. The hay and manure gradually build up and make the entryway smaller and smaller so we have to be vigilant about keeping it clear. The same goes for the area around the blue water trough. We lost a lamb a few years ago when she fell into it and drowned. The pack is tough to remove because it's compressed. The boys use a potato picker, a hay fork and a wheel barrow to get the job done.

I couldn't resist snapping a few pics of the lambs. They get cuter and cuter as they mature. Soon they will be speeding around springing straight up into the air. I will post some video of that when they do.

Valentino with mom

Valentino grabbing a snack and we still haven't named this little black ewe lamb yet!