Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Growing Season is Now at Windyridge

A fellow New York blogger, Lissa of Slender Branches, inspired me to start my garden early. Yesterday after pickle ball Tom and I headed over to Lowes and picked up an indoor tomato starter set. It's actually a pretty neat setup that consists of peat pellets in a tray which expand when water is added. You then add the seeds and cover and place in a warm environment. I put my tray on top of the refrigerator. I checked my canning inventory and while I have plenty of jars I can't seem to find my pincer type thing for picking up hot jars out of the canning kettle. I also need a canning kettle and once the garage sales start up I will look around for one. In the meantime I can grow my plants! I went with a Roma variety called Big Mamma Hybrid, for 12 plants, and 4 plants will be a Big Beef Hybrid.

Peat pots before water is added

Peat pots after a lot of water is added

Peat pots covered with seeds added waiting to germinate

Lately I have really been into eco products as evidenced by many of my latest posts on my gadget and tech blog. Going green is an incredibly hot topic right now and so it should be. We really need to take batter care of the earth and stop depleting it's resources before it is too late. And our family has lately drifted away from knowing where all our meat comes from so we have decided to get back on track with that. I have started sourcing a cow and a few pigs to be raised elsewhere. Friends of ours used to raise the pigs so it will be a little harder to find some but the cow should be easy given where we live. I want to know what our cow and pigs are eating and where they are being raised. I may even visit them from time to time. Of course our one freezer lamb will come from here as will many of our veggies. I want NO pesticides, NO hormones and No drugs in my meat and veggies!