Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Metal Buildings Have Their Advantages

Steel buildings come in handy for all types of uses. When I first bought my foal, he lived in one of two metal horse barns. These buildings are fire proof which is good, but where horses are concerned, a metal roof can be a little unnerving. Many times I was riding in their arena when there was snow on the roof and the temperature was just right that it started to melt and slide. It sounds like the world is coming to an end above you when that happens! If you have a spooky horse it can get interesting. But it's a good training tool to bomb proof a horse.

At Future Steel you can get pre-engineered kits for barns, metal shed storage buildings, workshops, carports and garages. On their website you can watch a video showcasing their products. You can order more information or check out their do-it-yourself guide. I noticed that most of their buildings have curved roofs to allow the snow to slide off more easily. This would be a big plus in a horse arena.

To construct one of these kits you simply pour the footings, assemble the arches, raise the arches, insert the walls and hang the doors.