Thursday, February 07, 2008

I Was Flying

Yep flying through the air and flat on my face!

I went down to the barn to feed the critters as usual. In order to avoid being trampled a shepherd can't simply walk into a sheep enclosure with a feed bucket in their hand. Oh no...that's courting a shoving match and stepped on toes and so it's hard to get near the trough. In fact they are kind of trained to run after the bucket. Just check out this old video of our sheep stampede for proof. So here's what I do. I have two grain troughs. One outside in the barnyard and one in the sheep pen. Say the sheep are inside. I put their food in the outside trough, open the barnyard door and their sheep pen door, move quickly out of the way and watch the sheep rush straight to the trough. If they are outside, the reverse takes place. So you get the picture. However now and then circumstances are such that I am forced to try and get that food into the trough while they are in the same enclosure as I am without being knocked over or stepped on. The circumstance was the icy barnyard. So I have a few decoy procedures but they don't work very well and I got shoved, somehow lost my balance and fell onto the trough, flat on my face, completely laid out with sheep nuzzling me and I whacked my shin on the top of the trough. Apart from smelling of eau d'ovine on my walk, my nose in the sheep bedding wasn't very pleasant. My family was very amused and I know those sheep were chuckling after I left.