Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ice and New Music

Wow will this icy stuff ever quit? Today I couldn't let the sheep out into the barnyard for fear of them slipping and breaking their little legs. As you can see from the photos the little bit of flooding we get each spring from the barnyard hill runoff is early, by about three months! And it's fun to slide across that when it freezes at night. Take a look at the pond. Perfect for skating when it freezes over later. If the snow holds off maybe we will get a chance to do that this year yet. On my way down to the barn this morning I had to slide down in a crouch. It was either that or brave the driveway which is a longer walk. And three out of four of us are sick with colds again. We just got over colds. Tom has yet to succumb. I woke up with it. Blah. Never a dull moment at Chez Windyridge.

I've discovered some new music via lastfm. If you like progressive rock check out these YouTube videos: Porcupine Tree and Blackfield. Also an interesting and very different group called Telepopmusik. I ordered the two Porcupine Tree CD's below from Amazon and plan on ordering the Blackfield CD later:

In Absentia
Fear of a Blank Planet
Blackfield - NYC (Live in New York)