Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Our Window Blinds. A Shady History

We had much to do to this house when we first moved in, years ago when the kids were little. We had carpets to lay, bathrooms to finish, doors to hang and windows to frame. Tom laughs when I say "we" because he is the "we". Well ok, I can't hang doors but I am there in spirit, cheering in the background and offering advice!

When it came to Vinyl Mini Blinds we unknowingly purchased those containing lead. I think at that time that was all they manufactured. Companies then started to make them lead free, so we had to replace them all with the new models. At one of his toddler physicals, Daniel had tested positive for lead in his blood, which goes to show you that even in a new house lead dangers still lurk. We can't be positive it was from the blinds either. I guess we will never know. But he tested ok soon after we replaced the blinds.

Because our house is so far back from the road we don't really need Window Coverings but in Daniel's room the sun shines very brightly first thing in the morning and it can get hot by the end of the day. So shades in that room were a priority. But curtains or blinds as a decorative touch can be nice, so we have been looking into various kinds for the family room and the master bathroom.

The master bathroom as you can see provides no easy way to access any kind of window treatment without stepping into the Jacuzzi tub. As we get older this will get harder to do! So I have been thinking about some kind of Motorized Shades.