Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Lamb I've Been Waiting For

Yesterday it was 60 degrees! It was a good day to walk around the property and see what signs of spring I could find. I found these daffodils poking through the soil.

I cleaned out all six bird boxes in the hopes that some of them will be home to bluebirds this year.

The ice is retreating from the pond. I walked around it to see if I could see any signs of life in there. The fish are still at the bottom and it was pretty quiet.

I fixed the ruts in various areas. My method is very scientific. I stomp them down and sculpt the ground back to the way it should be with my rubber boots. Hey it works. The photo below is a work in progress. It has to be done in stages as the ground thaws.

Will we make it to the warmer weather with the wood supply? It's looking pretty close. The shed is pretty empty and the wood supply barely visible to the left is for next year and we'd rather not dip into it.

Will we have enough hay until the sheep are turned out ? I think we will.

As I was puttering around outside, I heard a baaaaa that didn't belong to the current crop of lambs. Excitedly, I rushed to the barn and was presented with my first set of twins for the season and FINALLY I have my white ewe lamb from Brimble! She had a ram and and a ewe and they are healthy and doing very well. I was thrilled. I have been waiting for FOUR years for a ewe lamb from this gal. Now she is getting old so I have to keep an eye on things to make sure she has enough milk for the pair. The ram lamb is much bigger than the ewe lamb and she is so petite and cute. Check out this rather dark video of wagging tails. Yes they really do wag their tails when they are drinking mother's milk. I will have some good pictures soon. I also need some names. Since the girl is a keeper I want it to be a good one. Naturally I was alone when this all happened so I had to move her and the twins into the lambing jug by myself. That wasn't easy because she is a stubborn old gal but we managed in the end.

afternote: The uploaded video is much darker than the original video. Hopefully you can see wagging tails.