Monday, March 17, 2008

Playing Catchup

The shearer is coming very soon and I still have some unwashed wool. I decided I better wash up the rest of this stuff pretty quickly. These are not entire fleeces. It's just what I kept back from sales for myself. This is what's left:

Some of my favorite white Corriedale from my old gal Brimble, the moorit (brown) Rambouillet/Romney fleece from Apulia, some of the super soft and long lamb's fleece from Amelia (Apulia's daughter) that is almost black and a pound or so of goat's fleece (mohair). See how it shines even though it's not washed yet?

Here is Brimble's fleece soaking in soapy bubbles. I had to wash this part of the fleece three times as it was very dirty and probably mostly uncovered. The water was as dark as mud!

Brimble is huge and waiting to have her lambs still. It amazes me how gorgeous her fleece is which is why I eagerly await her lambs. Please, please have a white ewe lamb or even two, Brimble old gal! I have been unsuccessful for years and she is really old now. Just look at this sample of the washed wool. This particular area is as soft as silk. And this batch of wool is what I skirted from a fleece I sold!