Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yarnival Blog Carnival

I am hosting this month's Yarnival, blog carnival and I have a few great links to share with you all. Please stop by and check them all out and say hello while you are visiting.

A blog carnival is a collection of submitted articles on a particular subject and in this case it's about yarn. And here they are:

Kim over at Yarn Abuse lends a bit of comic relief to the knitter's day.

Joanie at Joanie Knits gives part one of a great tutorial on knitting toe up socks. I've never tried this method and I would really like to. There are lots of photos and an easy to follow description.

Feeling overwhelmed by UFO's (unfinished objects to you non-knitters out there)? Cindy over at The Knitting Shepherdess has bags of them but by recording all her works in progress she can see what she needs to do. All kinds of neat projects are going on here.

Marie at Knitted Gems shares her excellent Spiral Applique quilt block pattern. This is suitable for beginners to follow.

Beth at Three Sheeps to the Wind shares an amusing wool fetish. You have to love her blog title!

Lindsay, at Type-K reviews her experience with the gorgeous Peacock Feather's Shawl that she knit. This is a beautiful lace pattern.

Mary at Snit n'Knit tells a heart warming story about her very classy auntie. She's 95 years old, lives by herself and is quite a needle crafter.

Cindy at My Recycled Bags offers eco-friendly crocheted dishcloth patterns with a scrubber made from plastic bags. She can turn plastic bags into yarn!