Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Are We in Florida?

We have had days and days and days of non-stop sunshine and warm weather. Did someone pick New York up and transport it to Florida? Wow, it's been spectacular here. We have gotten a jump on spring chores as a result and the young lambs are out earlier than ever. I washed the rest of Albert's fleece it dried in record time out in the sunshine. I can't wait to work with it. This time I got smart and sold almost all my wool fleeces so that I have a workable amount around the house and not bags and bags of stuff that may not get used. The last two pounds went out the door this morning.

We have the usual amount of trees blown over by the wind so Tom and Dan started working on one of those that is actually leaning on another tree. This will be tricky as it is perched on a cliff edge. See the stream down below?

We also let the goats out every day to run loose. They stay close to the barn but enjoy kicking up their heels and snatching some grass.

If you look closely you will see Milton's rear end up in the air! if you want to see a real herd dog, head on over to The Other Side of New York. I have been putting up lots of retro photos of our trips to various attractions in New York such as Niagara Falls,the Corning Glass Museum and the Erie Canal.

Just heard we are in a state of emergency because of the lack of rain. Big brush fire potential.