Monday, April 21, 2008

Garden Challenge New Additions

For this week's installment of the Gardening Challenge I started some cucumbers. They took a little longer than then the other seedlings to poke their heads out of the little peat pods but they eventually did.

I planted just one row of lettuce over the weekend. If I have to cover it due to a hard frost it will be easy.

We are still experiencing unseasonably warm weather so the grass is really starting to grow now. The sheep may go out on pasture early this spring although the temps will drop back to normal by Thursday I hear. Too bad. We've been spoiled all week!

The daffodils are in bloom and the crocus are already spent. The little puddles of green are Johnny Jump-Ups that spread around the roses each year. Two of the three roses are starting to green up. I hope the third one made it through the winter.

This weekend was a good opportunity to cut the huge tree branch down that was resting on the roof of the storage shed. Fortunately only minimal damage was done and we picked up some fire wood.