Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gardening Challenge IS a Challenge Today

Today's weather is not conducive to gardening at all. It's dreary, wet and all of 35 degrees. Over the weekend it was still nice and I took one of my tomato plants and stuck it in a 5 gallon bucket. And speaking of tomatoes, did you know that "Italian researchers report that the nutritional content of tomatoes — cherry tomatoes, in this case — improves when the plants are irrigated with diluted seawater." It's true. Check out the full article here. Problem is we are nowhere near the sea.

I planted a few marigolds in pots on the front porch and put some of the veggies outside during the day for the hardening off phase. The rhubarb is coming along and there is evidence of lettuce in the garden.

We are expecting a dump truck load of crusher run gravel soon and I will be hopping on the Kubota to spread it with the blade. Our driveway is full of potholes and this has been a problem since day one. Certain sections need to be filled every few years. I need to get the blade and bucket off the tractor so I can mow. The lawn in general isn't ready yet but a few sections by the pond need mowing.

And the Christmas cactus is in bloom. Go figure.....