Monday, April 28, 2008

Sheep On Grass and Sleeping Kitties

This cat never ceases to crack me up. Here he is fast asleep on his back on the couch. Now wouldn't you expect him to wake up after I put the blanket over him? Or at least after the flash went off in his eyes? Nope, dead to the world.

This weekend we put the sheep out on grass for the first time this year. You have to be careful when you do this especially with young lambs as they can get very sick if they eat too much spring grass. The grass at this time of year is also the richest it will be. So we load them up on hay the morning before we put them out, and then they go on a small pasture with a few inches of grass.

Here they are enjoying the first luscious blades. In the foreground is a leggy lamb. This is also the young'uns first experience with electric fence. It really only takes one zap and they are trained.

Meanwhile Albert is wasting no time letting the ewes know that he is interested in his conjugal rights. Heck these girls don't even need any sexy lingerie to get him interested. It will be interesting to see if the Finn crosses breed more than once. The ewes if the Finn breed (Albert is a Finn) can breed more than once a year. Up until now I have had no Finn blood in my flock. Time will tell.