Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is May 11th and now is a good time to do your shopping if you are planning on making some online purchases. I assembled a few ideas to make your search a little easier.

I have a bread maker and I love it. They make awesome gifts too. To go along with that or instead of, how about a bread keeper.

I ordered a different version of this ceramic compost keeper just now. I would have ordered this one but it's too tall for me, because my counter top by the sink has some cabinet overhang. Something like this is exactly what I have been looking for forever! We have been using a plastic Tupperware with a bag inside it. I've never liked it. It's ugly. We do compost, so our egg shells, banana peels, vegetable matter and so forth go into this little bin and when it's full, it goes outside.

Jasmine Blooming Flower Tea is always a neat gift for any tea drinker. I am a huge herbal tea imbiber and the blooming flower is fun.

You can't go wrong with gourmet food gift baskets either or digital photo keychains.