Friday, April 18, 2008

Trying to Stay Healthy

Since we are so much more into our health lately, especially because we seem to have no choice, a friend of mine recommended pure raw honey for allergies. It not only is good for you but it tastes good, honeycomb and all. A teaspoon a day is all you need. It's not cheap though at $7 for a small jar from Wegmans, but when is eating healthy ever cheap? And with allergy season upon us, anything that helps with the sniffles and itchy eyes is worth a try right? If you buy filtered honey, some of the enzymes, pollen, vitamins and minerals are removed so this is the color you want. Unfiltered and raw.

I looked for a cheaper source. Our local health store has some that is slightly cheaper and I found a few better deals than that store here at Shopzilla. I put the honey in my oatmeal and flax breakfast and Mike just takes it straight from the teaspoon.

I haven't played as much pickleball this past few weeks as I normally do because I managed to get tendinitis in my shoulder. No it's the other shoulder, not the arm I hit the ball with thank goodness. Go figure how or why it's that arm even. And it takes for-e-v-er to heal. So I have been using the treadmill a few times a week for a cardiovascular workout. But now with the gorgeous weather upon us I will get back to trail walking.

Oh and did I mention that when Mike fell off his snowboard and broke his collar bone that he twisted his back so that he has a small permanent scoliosis like curve? We discovered the back issue a few weeks ago at the chiropractors when he was in terrible pain after baseball practice. But the prognosis is good with daily back exercises and he is pretty much pain free now. Oh and Tom has had terrible tooth pain for the last two days, and despite the fillings he got yesterday is still in pain. We are due for an uneventful week right? Say, "yes absolutely!!"

Dan is healthy though (touching large portions of wood here and typing one handed!), and is in Washington DC with his girlfriend and her family, seeing all the sights under perfectly blue skies.