Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Hive Mystery Solved

Remember my woes with Mike and his hives and swollen lips? We tried removing the rats. That didn't seem to be the issue so I moved on to my next experiment, laundry detergent. It's true that several months ago I changed to Gain. So I bought some ERA Free for sensitive skin. I grabbed a selection of his clothing and kept them separate up in his room after I washed them. Day one went by, no hives, Days 2, 3 and 4 also passed. Then purely "on accident" as he likes to say, he grabbed a shirt from his closet yesterday morning that was not washed in ERA Free and by the end of the day he was breaking out in hives!

So I think that corroborated my preliminary findings. It's the Soap.

My next experiment will be to introduce a small sampling of his clothing to the new soap we are now using, Tide. Based on Consumer Reports findings it's one of the top detergents. I hope I don't have to switch to ERA Free for all the laundry as I hate doing laundry as it is, and about the only thing I do enjoy about it is the lovely fresh scent from clean clothes! Either way I have to rewash all his clothing. Youch!

Anyway I enjoy internet shopping and positively detest real shopping in the store and am still looking for a gift for my mother who is very difficult to shop for (and incidentally loves to shop), and I found some more Mother's Day Gifts.

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