Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Softest Yarn Ever

I finally got around to spinning some of Albert's incredibly soft fleece. It is by far the softest fleece I have ever had the pleasure of owning, and that's saying a lot because I already have some of the softest fleece around for non-merino sheep. I am thrilled that Albert is my herd sire and so far the youngsters are showing all the same qualities as their dad including temperment. I would even go so far as to say that you wouldn't be able to distinguish this yarn from merino yarn!

Honestly my poor dog gets such abuse. Here he is, sleepily modeling the swatch that I knit yesterday. How do you like his soft pillow? And it's one of his favorite spots to nap.

I tried to felt this yarn just for kicks but it was not cooperating. After much agitation and cold followed by hot water I got a minuscule amount of felting. But why would I want to felt such gorgeous yarn anyway. And it will be a breeze to dye.