Monday, June 02, 2008


In an effort to supply the cats with their very own free and fresh supply of catnip I received two mature plant cuttings from a friend in town. No sooner had I planted them than the two outdoor cats devoured them down to their stalks.

I told my friend about this and she graciously supplied me with a container of small seedlings. I "hid" the cuttings on top of the fridge.

In less than an hour, the the indoor cat, Vlad, was all over them. I grabbed the container and went outside and planted several seedlings in various areas of the property,

marking their positions with little red flags so I could find them again. So far so good. All seedlings are in tact and the cats haven't discovered them. I also planted one seedling indoors in a pot that is on top of the tall computer cabinet. There is no way the cat will reach or even find this pot (I hope!).

I planted my zucchini outside finally, along with two cukes and two more store bought seedling cukes of a different variety,

as most of my cuke seedlings got frosted several weeks ago. The tomatoes continue to sulk. I hear rumors of an 80 degree weekend on the horizon. One can only hope.