Friday, June 06, 2008

They Can't Write or Spell in New York Schools

Yes this is sad but true. Frequently there are misspellings in our school newsletter (and emails home) because people have become too dependent on spell check, so I think Microsloth needs to come up with some kind of homonym checker in Word. Even our superintendent who writes a front page blurb each issue was guilty of a homonym error.

But this was on the news last night.

It was a school in Syracuse. Let's blurt out for all to see the fact that we can't spell rehersal... um... oops... rehearsal. Isn't it bad enough that the principal was writing herself checks out of the school's checking account? Yikes what kind of students do we turn out here? Embezzling mis-spellers I guess. Scary.

Do you remember any similar teacher or administration errors or even school misdeeds?