Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bargains Where You Least Expect Them

The 4th of July weekend was great. I couldn't have asked for more perfect weather for a long weekend at the cabin. Our little bay on the lake had it's 2nd annual boat parade. The boats were decorated with flags and streamers. That's Mike in his little boat. He was behind us.

There was plenty of sunshine, not too hot, little a word, perfect. Dan's girlfriend came with us too. They were goofy.

When we arrived on Thursday, we set about getting dinner started
Then we threw in a dvd and got to bed early. For once they were very few projects to do over the weekend. But we did need to go to Ogdensberg and got gas for the boats and the car on Friday. That was painful. We stopped at Walmart for some fenders for the other side of the dock and "Mike's boat". Then we went to Lowe's in search of a nice table and chairs for the little deck. Now we had a $100 gift card from Tom's boss, and another 10% off for any Lowe's purchases. We found a lovely iron table

with removable ceramic 12 inch tiles. I loved the table and liked the idea of being able to replace the tiles if I got sick of them. Then we found 4 suitable faux wicker chairs. Tom asked the service desk if we could get another 10% off if we applied for a Lowe's credit card. The gal checked with her supervisor and said yes!

You can pretty much get a lower price or some kind of break if you just ask anywhere you make a purchase of a few hundred dollars. We have done it in so many places, so we know it works. On our way home we passed a closing out sale of stuff from an antique shop. As we got out of the car, the owner said everything is half off today. Oooh good I said since I'm always on the lookout for a good bargain. We needed a coffee table with a lamp for the cabin. There was a cabin wall light that drove me batty. I had to wear a baseball cap whenever I looked at the TV since the light always shone in my eyes! How much do you think we paid for this? It's looks good in the cabin I think. Definitely a best buy day for us! It does need a little more dusting though. It was $5! Should I take to Antiques Road Show?

Not one to miss out on his exercises, Mike did some chin-ups with his brother acting as the chun-up bar over the side of the boat. The water temperature was 75 degrees.