Thursday, July 17, 2008

Computers, Oregon and Fire Trucks

I am getting ready to purchase a computer for someone and I am wondering what y'all have and if you like what you have? Any of you used Vista yet? I hear good and bad about it but I am specifically interested in details. I will be setting up the computer when it arrives. She doesn't need anything fancy but I do know Vista is a resource hog and needs 2G minimum of RAM. Whew! I am thinking a basic Dell will work. I like Dell because it's what I have and I like the on site next day service (even if it isn't really "next day").

My mom is moving to Portland, Oregon at the end of August. Anyone ever been there? It's the number one spot to retire and seems to have great public transportation and is relatively inexpensive accommodation wise. I wonder if she should take out travel health insurance on the way across the great US of A.

I leave you with pics of the fire department checking our pond hydrant. Pretty neat isn't it? They attach to the hydrant which we had installed when we built the pond and periodically the fire department comes over and tests it. It would come in handy for spraying a smooth ice surface for skating in the winter, wouldn't it?

View from driveway

Mike, Rascal and a few fire personnel on Stage Road

See the house in the mist?

The hydrant