Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Sweater is Finished

Pieces laid out for seaming

I am finally done with this thing after over a year. I lost interest as it was not the most exciting knitting and I am not at all in love with knitting cotton. I have to say I am happy with how the seaming came out. I took the time to read the techniques and look at pictures so I had a firm grasp of how to do it before I started. Really this is my first sweater! I don't count the one I knit in the round as it will be frogged when I get the motivation to do it.

The gift is for a gal who recently had a baby boy. I thought about knitting some crib bedding items but I had the cotton and wanted a bigger project. I figured it was time to try a sweater and because it was a baby sweater, the chances were good that I would actually complete it this decade!

Various blog posts with pics on the sweater:

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Pattern is the Raised Stripes Pullover by Nancy Hearne, the cotton is Aracania,
2 skeins = 308.0 yards (281.6m), is Pomaire.
I had a very small amount left over.