Friday, August 15, 2008

Gymnastics Scoring

What was up with the judges in last night's women's individual gymnastics finals? We all have the same eyes and the benefit of some x-gymnast commentators (including the effervescent Bella!) and everyone seemed to be in agreement. How could Nastia not have had a better score than competitors who were clearly making mistakes on a few of the rotations? If she hadn't won I think some protests may have been lodged. Even my favorite commentator, Bob Costas put the question to Bella about the reason for the strange scores and was there perhaps some bias in the judging. I don't know about you but the whole judging routine was a little odd throughout the team and individual men and women's competitions. All that shuffling around, watching replays, telephone calls and irate supervisors marching around. Keeping the competitors and us waiting while they came up with the score really slowed things down. What ever happened to the old scoring days of Mary Lou Rettin and a simple 10?

But the USA was one and two! Hoorah! They deserved it!