Monday, August 18, 2008

Cukes and Boating Fun

One of my first cukes.
These aren't the heirlooms, those are white and one is almost ready.

My tomatoes are a failure. It's official. Rain every day will do that I guess. I will have to buy some from a local farmer and can those. It figures. The first time I grow them from seed and they don't make it. Even the 12 plants I was given didn't make it. They all have one or two tomatoes on them and are dying or just not growing.

The weather up at the cabin wasn't too much better but we decided to go under the Edwardsville bridge which is very low due to the incredibly high water, and head down towards the Oswegatchie River and have a picnic lunch on the boat. That is a very long ride so we just went some of the way down and turned around because, believe it or not, the weather was threatening. While we were crusing around, the water police stopped us and asked us to show off our lifejackets. It was funny because Mike had been touching the bridge as we passed underneath and he thought they were coming after him. We were also wondering who in the heck was heading straight for us as we turned to avoid them and they just kept coming. Then on went the flashing blue lights.

A passing loon up at the lake, one of may favorite ducks.

Picnic lunch on the boat

The leaves are starting to change already!!!

Mike goofing around, decided to hang his hand.

Mike touching the low bridge

Me and My Boys