Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Voip and Valentino the Ram Gets Sold

The caller ID information is masked when a Sky...Well we finally did it and signed up with VOIP (voice over IP) phone otherwise known as internet phone via Time Warner cable. We now have what is known as the All-In-One package. Hey it was a deal I just couldn't refuse. $14.95 a month for unlimited long distance, caller ID on the TV, call waiting, call forwarding and the usual stuff. One bill for cable TV, phone and internet. So far so good. Quality is actually better than it was with the local phone company! BUT when the guy came to install it, he inadvertently drilled through the hot water line to the furnace! No biggy since we aren't using the furnace at the moment but it was embarrassing for him. His boss had to drive 40 minutes to come for a visit to file an accident report. Naturally TW is paying the plumber.

Today I sold Valentino. If you remember he was the puppy dog ram lamb with the killer fleece. And what a gorgeous ram he turned out to be! Dan and I delivered him today and he went to a great home I am very happy to say. The ewes were crazy about him as soon as he arrived. Looks like he will be the resident stud in every sense of the word. And of course I forgot my camera! The other ram goes to the butcher Friday and I would like to hand shear his fleece before he goes. We are going to put him on a goat stand we have and I will give it a shot. The stand kind of looks like a plasma stand with a loop to hold the neck and a rest for the head. I will make sure to take pics of that event which is sure to be somewhat of a debacle.