Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Happenings

The weather was very mild this weekend which was a nice surprise even though it rained cats and dogs. The leaves are changing and I snapped a few pics on my drive to town. The fields are so green right now in contrast to the lovely reds and oranges of the leaves.

It's time to put away the swimsuit and bring in the diving board from the pond. Cleaning out the sheep pen will be the next big project. Dan worked the Green Apple Festival and brought home twelve gallons of cider along with three pies, bags of apples and lots of dinner rolls and leftovers. What are we going to do with all that cider you ask? We play cards once a month at various friends' homes and one of the gals said you can freeze the cider.

Just remove an inch or so from the top and stick 'em in the freezer. So that's what we did. That gorgeous sky shot was taken in Norwich at the house of one of the card players. (click to enlarge photos)