Friday, September 26, 2008

Human Breast Milk For Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream!

BURBANK, CA - APRIL 7:  Co-founders of Ben & J...I have always been anti-PETA for a million reasons but this new stunt makes me wonder if I should laugh or cry at their stupidity. The latest stunt is a request to Ben and Jerry's that they use human breast milk for their ice cream in order to relieve the cows of their burden of producing milk because cows are kept in "filthy" conditions. Now I don't know how they can make such a blanket statement about cows. I wonder how many of them have actually been to a farm because clearly they never saw a farm around here. Cows are outside (with lovely views I might add) most of the year and when they are inside the barn it is cleaned every day. You have to have sanitary conditions in order to supply the public with milk and not kill them. Let's have breast milk farms!!! Really they go too far. Ben and Jerry's response was of course a politically correct no and you could almost hear the snickers under their breath. As an aside, most people that support the Humane Society of the United States don't understand that it is the non terrorist side of PETA. What people need to understand is that animals are NOT human and they need to stop humanizing them. A perfect example is sheep, cold weather and snow. When given a choice, most sheep will choose to stand outside in the snow rather then go into the barn. PETA and much of the public in general will look at that and say, oh how cruel, those poor sheep must be freezing! Sure people really are cruel to animals in various places and in various ways and this is where animal activists should be concentrating their efforts.