Friday, September 05, 2008

Foxes and Turkeys Oh My!

{{Potd/2005-01-19 (en)}}This has been a banner week for random wildlife sightings but the past few days at home were especially rewarding. I was walking over to my desk and there he was.....a rather large gobbler, ambling along by the garden. GARDEN!? Oh no I thought, but I was enthralled with this big boy being so close to the house. He just kept walking though, so all was well. Then later that very same day, Tom was gazing out the front door when he shouted under his breath, "Loren! Come Quick!" I dropped what I was doing and had a look. I just caught two young foxes playing together, chasing each other around and then they shot right through the front lawn no more than 20 yards away. Wow that was a fun sight. If you recall I wrote about a fox den nearby and these fellas may have been from there. I wonder if my life insurance rates would go up if I told them we lived so near bears and coyotes as well? Anyway, of course I have no photos of my own because these were lightening fast sightings. The pic above is a coyote, typical of the kind we find around here. They have been particulalrly active, howling loudly at night nearby.

For the fox den pic and a link to a recording of the shriek that foxes make, go to my other blog: The Other Side of New York.