Monday, September 08, 2008

Those "Free" TV Digital Converters Work!

So we received our digital TV converter coupons in the mail. We asked for two. I went to Walmart and bought a Magnavox converter. They had two brands available. They were both $49 so the cost to me was $9 each. (I subsequently found out you can get boxes at Rite Aid for $19). We set it up on the TV in the cabin. Originally with rabbit ears we had 4 channels: a Canadian channel - CBC, PBS, Fox, and ABC. After we hooked up the converter we had eleven! And crystal clear channels too! It was amazing what we got via the rabbit ears! One of the stations was even broadcast in HD! And of course the sound quality is also excellent. Now since we have cable, we don't need it on the two TV's hooked up to cable here but the kids don't have cable, and Mike's is an older TV so he gets the other box. We should get quite a few stations once we hook it up.