Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh Boy!

Well it's almost son will be added to our car insurance soon. I just got the quote because I wanted to prepare myself. It's going to cost around $1,700. Whew, if that doesn't knock my socks off. And if that's not bad enough, in two years the other boy goes on, and this while Dan starts his first year in college. I know, I know, we signed up for this when we decided to have kids...but who knew college costs would sky rocket and car insurance too. The kids will help where they can but I want them to enjoy not working while they are still kids, since they will spend the rest of their lives working. But it is indeed a joy to watch them grow up. I told Dan to make sure he observes all road laws including following the speed limit exactly because he is marked. He's a teenage boy and he has long hair. What cop wouldn't pull a long haired speeder over. In fact, around here they seem to look for an excuse to pull them over. Yes they profile here.