Friday, September 19, 2008

Sans Voiture Day

I have a Facebook friend in Belgium. She was a Scrabulous buddy and is now a Wordscraper buddy since Hasbro yanked Scrabulous. She generally thrashes me in most games that we play too. Yesterday was "Sans Voiture" day in Belgium. Sans voiture means literally without a car, in French. No one drives and all the public transportation remains running. The streets remain empty. Isn't this a great idea? The kids can play in the streets without fear of being run over and the air is cleaner for the day, I think it also shows that you can get around without a gas guzzling "voiture". Check out a city street photo devoid of moving cars, that she snapped.

Could we get away with a day like this here? Perhaps New York City. Any other cities that you can easily get around in without a car? I would imagine most major cities would manage, but what about the smaller ones?