Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mini-Blizzards and Freaky Kitties

I had to chuckle at 7 am this morning when I realized I had slept in TWO HOURS already. I was awake and raring to go despite the several inches of snow outside.

note the hanging blooming Christmas cactus which has been renamed the Thanksgiving cactus (click to enlarge pretty blooms)

The boys had an all night party/fundraiser at the school and one was rolling in the door at about the same time. The other one had a basketball game last night, went to the party afterwards, didn't sleep and then had another game at 8am today! Are the coaches insane or what? Some truly unfortunate kids are then going to snatch a few hours sleep and then go with the chorus to Binghamton to sing at halftime on the ice of a professional ice hockey game. I'd say that's a pretty full 2 days.

And for a total non-sequitur our "new" cat is a butter freak. She will wait until no one is in the kitchen, hop up on the counter top (despite frequent water sprays when I have caught her), knock off the cover and scarf down what she can. She also chews through plastic and eats bread. So we've started hiding it in a cupboard. Vlad on the other hand learned after a few sprays, that countertops are off limits.

Here is my scarf progress.

It should be completed soon. I'm not sure how to add the tassels, so I will have to look that up, and in the meantime make sure I leave enough of both colors to do it.