Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My New Job

I've always perused the employment sections of newspapers and in this case the local Pennysaver for as long as I have been reading papers, when I came across an ad that caught my eye a few weeks ago. You see in a previous life, before kids, I worked as a production planner for the company that makes Nivea, Eucerin and the athletic tapes that the football players use. A planner takes the marketing forecast, makes a schedule, sees that manufacturing makes the scheduled numbers and assures that they have the materials needed to make that particular product. Obviously this is a simplistic description but it gives you the idea. In the ad, a company was looking for a logistics planner and I jumped at the idea because the company was located in close by Norwich! Dan is about to drive independently so the timing was perfect! I sent off a resume and got the interview. Here is where I want to point out the bible of job interview books. It's aptly called Knock 'Em Dead 2009: The Ultimate Job Search Guide. I read and read and studied this book. I really wanted this job. When the first interview rolled around two of the tough questions came up and I was prepared. At the second interview another of the tough trick questions came up, and I was ready. This book also helps you with the psychology of an interview, your appearance and behavior, insight into what the interviewer is going through and much more. I recommend this book to anyone going on interview. My husband has never not gotten a job once he got the interview because he has the book memorized. The title IS appropriate because you really do Knock 'Em Dead. Obviously I had the experience they were looking for too and especially the manufacturing supervision experience I had was a plus, but the book helped me prepare and it sealed the deal in my mind.

I started yesterday and enjoyed my first day. While I am not looking forward to driving in the snow, I am looking forward to being back in the full time working world. It's been 15 years but really it's like riding a bike.

I have some knitting progress to show today and I hope to post a few times a week at least. Today is a day off already as it is Veteran's Day. Mike has started JV basketball and is very excited. We hope he makes the team. Dan just finished the school drama and I will have photos of that soon.