Friday, November 07, 2008

A New Used One

I have always wanted to buy a used car with about 12,000 miles on it so I didn't have to watch my $$$$ zing out the windows as I drove out of the car dealership parking lot. But I always succumbed to that new car smell and watched the vehicle value depreciate before my very eyes. Oh sure as a youth I bought my fair share of wrecks, but not since I became an adult have I bought a used car. Same goes for my husband. The old Nissan has 130,000 miles on it and it's filler neck is leaking. This is our third car in a row with gas tank filler neck issues. Is it the gas?? Anyway it's also soon to be a Fred Flinstone car as the rust is getting pretty bad. We had been shopping around for a new car for awhile now when a used car pretty much fell into our laps. What we really need right now (distinguish that from want) is a commuter car for Tom that's good on mileage because make no mistake, these low gas prices are not here to stay. The SUV is good for a few more years I hope and the truck only has 80,000 miles on it, although you wouldn't know it. We've had no car payments for two years now and we like that. So we jumped at the 2003 Hyundai Eleantra that only had 12,300 miles for $6,500. It's a pretty blue color, had only one owner who died and is in great shape. It gets 33 mpg and the back seats fold down for continuous access to the trunk. So hoorah, still no car payments! And in terms of car insurance, with Dan about to become insured in 4 cars as a teen driver, this will save us significant money. In NY, insurance companies presume any drivers will drive all cars.
Photos will follow because we don't have it yet.

Next week I will tell you about my new job! Suffice it to say, blog posts will be a little less frequent!