Sunday, December 07, 2008

Citizen Of The Month and the Car That Almost Wasn't

Dan was chosen as citizen of the month at school. This came as a lovely surprise since Dan has a tendency to be outspoken and not put up with a lot of the bull that the teachers, especially the subs, dish out unfairly to the students. This is why he is still not in the honors society (he is in eleventh grade) even though he has always been a high honor student (average of 95 or above) and currently has an average of 100%. That's right, one hundred. ..and he's no geek (just look at the hair!) Apparently it's lack of character to stand up for yourself and have differing opinions! Who knows maybe this year will be the one. I mean he is the president of the student council and actively involved in the drama club and a jillion other school activities. The award, in case you are wondering is based on: interaction with teachers, interaction with peers, academic performance, and following the rules. His photo will be in a bunch of local places and in the school newletter.

But what about the car you ask? Well Thursday afternoon, I arrived home from work and parked in front of the garage rather than in it becasue the boys had band practice. Dan had to take the truck and pick up his brother at school. I was inside the house and heard a huge bang. Apparently Dan had forgotten to look behind him and had whacked the side of my car hard enough to push it sideways. Anyone that knows me knows I am a little peculiar about my cars. I take very good care of them so getting banged up hurts me a little more than other people. But the good and slightly wierd news is that both the car and truck didn't have a scratch or dent on them. The icy driveway must have saved the day. Dan was incredibly relieved and said it was a good lesson on how not to presume anything. In his defence both Tom and I have almost made the same mistake so that now we warn and remind the other if a car is not in it's usual spot.