Thursday, December 11, 2008

Uhoh, Snap!

Remember this photo below and this post on January 24th of THIS year?

Well what have we here in the picture below? Same photo? NO, this is from today! Not only is Mike six inches longer today than he was last year, but his collarbone is broken and this time it's on the other side!

How did it happen? Both Tom and I were at work, and Mike was late for the bus. Our driveway is a sheet of ice, worse than it's ever been, and he flew off his feet, down the driveway. He landed on his collarbone, got up, knew he needed to get back inside the house and call someone. (Dan was out of town). That's when the pain hit. He called both Tom and I and had to leave voice mails because he didn't pay attention when I told him where the emergency phone numbers were for paging us at work. His father called him back in a few minutes and I met them at Hamilton. The X-ray showed a nice clean break, just like last time. He got some morphine, we put him in his harness, and off we went.

This makes me wonder though...what would have happened had he broken his leg or knocked himself out? How would he have gotten help? We will think this through and come up with a plan for when the kids are alone.