Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weather. Hey it's Central NY.

After spending a large amount of time snow blowing and plowing Saturday, it looks like round 2 will be happening again today. Friday's blast wasn't nearly as bad as they predicted and fortunately for me I had left work right when it was starting. I was taking a half day because the kids were taking part in Winterfest at school and all the band practices the boys had were about to pay off. Only it wasn't to happen. The school dismissed early due to impending bad weather. As it turns out a few plow strokes on the roads would have enabled the schools to stay open because the weatherman cried wolf....again. How wolfish today's cry will be, remains to be seen. Needless to say, everyone involved in Winterfest was disappointed as they never reschedule it. However with Dan being the Student Council presdident, he is going to try and set a new date in February. Here's hoping he succeeds.

I have some knitting to show but they are gifts, so I won't post 'till after Christmas.

Last Thursday, as I entered the building where I work, I was greeted by several NPI managers, and was personally wished a happy holiday. I was then handed a very nice blue fleece sweatshirt with the company logo. I happen to really like their logo and the shirt was lovely! Later that day in a daily meeting with all the various department leaders, the VP of operations went around the room and shook each person's hand and wished them a happy holiday. Later still, a catered holiday dinner was offered to every employee free of charge. There are about 400 employees. All of these gestures are really appreciated by me. Even though, like every company, it has it's share of things to complain about, money is NOT the only thing that matters. As I left, several directors and the VP of Ops were waiting by the door to greet the 2nd shift as they had greeted me that morning.