Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Toe Up Self Striping Socks

I've always wanted to try toe up socks but always shied away from it. I decided yesterday to start a pair. They aren't hard at all and have several advantages. I can knit up the leg until I run out of yarn and I can try them on as I go. But best of all, NO SEAMING! I really do dislike sewing seams. This is also my first non homegrown yarn for socks and my first self striping yarn. It's fun to watch the stripe pattern develop. I am using the Sockotta Sock It To Me Collection called Puzzle. The socks should be pretty toasty as the yarn is mostly Merino with a little acrylic for durability thrown in. I got the yarn from my last Secret Pal.

It figures that the self striping yarn chose to change at the very tip of the toe and not all the way across so it looks like I seamed the toe and badly.