Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Lambs and a Wooly Project

Today's project is to continue wool prep for Mike's hat. I am using some lovely dark fleece and we are going to pretend that it is black so that it can approximate school colors. I will be putting a gold stripe in the middle. I've carded these batts which should be enough and today I will spin them up and if I am feeling particularly productive I will ply them as well.

I took some pics of the new arrivals. Two of them, a ewe and a ram. We are going to begin a theme for names. I know Sassafras doesn't fit but her name just came to Tom, so it stands. The theme this year will be "Slumdog Millionaire". Our new arrivals are Jamal and Latika. If you haven't seen the movie GO! It's awesome. I read in Time that he young kids are not actors but real children from the slums. They were wonderful. It's certainly part of what makes the movie so good. Do you know it almost never got screened? I enjoy the music too and have been using the soundtrack to work out with.