Sunday, February 22, 2009

Swimming in 33 Degree Water!

Mike took the plunge at the annual Polar Bear Swim on Goodyear Lake yesterday. It was his first frosty swim. All proceeds he collected went to sick kids.

Fortunately the day was sunny but I was dressed in a down jacket, neck warmer, fur lined shoes and gloves. Mike was wearing a bathing suit! The air was 32 degrees and slight breeze was blowing. Not content with merely jumping in, Mike did a somersault and then like all the other participants, (300 plus), he had to swim about 20 if it wasn't bad enough just jumping in! The steps he jumped of off were solid ice, with some salt to afford a decent footing.

Check out the pics and as always, click to enlarge.

Note the scuba divers wearing dry suits and the tether that was attached to each swimmer just in case. There were no incidents. What a tough bunch!