Monday, March 23, 2009

Resourceful Kids and New Spinning/Knitting Techniques

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There is little snow left, so Mike and a friend decided to take matters into their own hands, grab a tractor and a very large pipe (the father of this friend is in construction) and make their own snowboard "mountain" and rail. They spent the whole day on their "slope"!

After about a year I finally made it to a guild meeting where we learned how to spin mohair from the lock and make a kinky yarn. I have a lot of mohair from several years shearing, so I was happy to have a project for it. You grab a washed lock and spin. There is no other preparation involved. You either love or hate this look. It was hard for me to abandon my obsession with spinning "perfect" yarn but eventually I let loose! Then you simply use the singles yarn and knit in garter. If you use even larger needles (I used size 10) you will get a more lacy effect.

I knit my first top down hat in the school colors for Mike. I prefer this method since you can try it on as you go. Another first was learning a new cast on for my 2nd toe up sock. It's the Turkish cast on using two circular needles and works much better than fiddling with the needles in the more traditional approach.