Monday, March 09, 2009

Sam Chases the Fox or Tales of a Watch Kitty

As you might recall we have a few, what I consider to be, pet foxes (go here to see the fox leap video and here to see the fox in action last summer). I've grown very fond of these guys and apparently they enjoy our property as they pass through on a regular basis. Sunday morning my son Dan happened to be looking out the back window when he saw our pal peacefully moseying around by the back deck. He suddenly arched his back like a cat and stared into the woods. Sam, my tiny, dainty, kitty came charging out after the fox and halted at a safe distance. She was telling that fox that this was her property and that he shouldn't be there. The kids said it was hilarious and I was so disappointed that I missed the encounter. However Dan had the foresight to grab the camera and get a few good photos through the window. Check them out and as always click to enlarge. It's awfully cute that our tiny kitty is so bold.

Stay tuned for my next post revealing the recipe for the best fudge I've ever tasted!