Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fox Tales Close To Home!

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Look at him sitting there as calm as can be. Please excuse the bluriness, as these were taken through a screened window.

By now my regular readers have heard what a fox scream sounds like and have seen a few photos of our furry neighbors. This morning I would have sworn the fox was tame. I have been seeing them close to the house and I guess they are comfortable with the comings and goings of our family by now. But we all had a bit of a fright. You see our black cat, Midnight, the one featured in A Case Of Cat, was found dead several days ago of what looked like natural causes. She was old. Cistero, her spayed male friend has been very lonely since, sitting on the front porch meowing into the dark night. So I decided we need another kitteh and fast. But where will I find a spayed female? I decided to call the vet and lucky for me, they had the perfect kitty. This kitty hated being indoors and would be well suited to barn life. She is a year old and a spayed female. Puuuuuuuurfect.

So we picked her up yesterday and tried to acclimate her by keeping her inside overnight. We named her Samantha. The dog would chase her when he saw her so we locked him up for awhile, but not before creating havoc, galloping all over the house trying to find her and knocking over the kids' textbooks . Vlad just wanted to be friends but she was having none of it.

But we all had some cuddle time and she loved Mike's rats. She's very loving to people and practically rolls over when petted. So last night she spent most of it meowing to get outside. I wasn't ready to let her out yet. Then, very early this morning when Tom was heading off to work, she shot out the door when Rascal was being let out and to make matters worse he chased her through the yard. I was asleep through all this but I was awoken by a loud fox scream. I looked out the back window and there he/she was, bold as brass, looking right at me in the window. I thought, Oh boy, I hope he didn't eat her! I couldn't find her when I was doing chores and had to leave. However when I returned, as I called for her, I heard some meows and thankfully she came running. I spent some time acclimating her to the barn and the food and Cistero. As of this moment they tolerate each other, but barely. I hope they warm to each other as Cistero used to sleep on the front porch wrapped around Midnite. They were pals for 10 years.