Friday, April 24, 2009

Alpaca, Clarkson and Gardening

So here it is! It showed up in the mail today. My oh my this stuff is scrumptious. I have been squeezing it and smelling it whenever I pass by. It's got that faint hint of alpaca smell and it is dense, soft and just really nice...what can I say. The question is...what shall I knit with it?

Finally today we will go see mike play baseball and possibly pitch on a nice day for a change.

I washed my two favorite vehicles, planted my cabbage, pansies and Gold Shot Wallflower.

I sent in an application to take two tests, PC Lan Tech and Network Specialist. I did this becasue the job I had in the school three years ago, is now vacant again. When I had it, it was not a civil service position with BOCES. Now it is so I have to take the tests.  So I have a few irons smoldering...maybe one will pan out.

I forgot to mention that Clarkson invited Dan to do their accelerated program where you complete your senior year and do your college freshman year at the same time. I guess they were pretty impressed with him when he was up there. They only pick a small group of "exceptional" students. It's a nice feather in Dan's cap but he wan'ts to be with his friends senior year. There is another event going on in July that is again for a select group but it is only for a week. We are considering it...but it's expensive. So we'll see.

It's almost time to put the dock and boat in the water. When we were up at Clarkson, we did stop in at the cabin and make sure all was well. Now that's it feeling like summer, cabin times are fast approaching!