Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yarn Deals, Baseball, Farms and Windmills

(click on pics to make huge)

Mike opted to stay with the Modified baseball team this year, as did most of his class. So far they have played three and have had three rained out.  Here are a few pics above. Mike's stance is pretty darn perfect (and I'm not biased :-)).

On the way to the game at Stockbridge Valley inMunnsville, I noticed lots of new windmills. A friedn of Mike's father actually put those windmills up. My favorite pic is the one just showing one section of one blade stiucking out of the tree. It almsot looks like something from War of the Worlds.

Saturday I finally visited a yarn store with Beth that is closing. I passed it a few times but never stopped in. It doesn't surprise me that it's closing, it was incredibly expensive. I got some great bargain yarn.

Then off we went to a brand new fiber arts store in the, what appears to be dying, Shoppingtown Mall. The store has potential. You can build a batt, try a wheel or spindle or learn how to weave.

It was quite a busy day because after that we went to visit Mizrahi Manor in North Norwich. They have been out here for a visit and ever since, I have been wanting to see their farm. I have been a regular reader of their blog. It's a lovely farm with an authentic restored barn, some pretty cool Jacob sheep, Dexter cows, some chickens and they just got some Italian bees which we were very interested in. I purchase some local honey every month that I put in my oatmeal every day. It's unfiltered and delicious. Whether it helps my allergies remains to be seen. I probably really need honey from this area so I ingest the local pollen. Mike is going to work for the farm to pick up some $$$. And speaking of $$$, Dan was at work so we stopped at KFC for some chicken and tacos and to see him in action.