Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rochester Institite of Technology Open House

RIT is aptly named "Brick City" because as you approach, that's exactly what you see. However, once inside, trees, lawns and sculptures make the campus more inviting. I couldn't get used to the flatness of the area though. There are no hills but that's not really important.  I have to say we were both way more impressed than we thought we would be. It's quite a school and the engineering department is very well stocked with all the latest high tech equipment and unlike Clarkson, the campus is very new. But it's huge, 15,000 students as oppossed to Clarkson's 3,000 in 2007. Like Clarkson they have a strong Coop program and a 97% employment rate. The food wasn't bad and the dorms were typical. The walk from the dorms to the learning areas is the famous quarter mile. By the end of the day we had walked several miles I am sure, and saw numerous interesting engineering projects. Everything is connected by underground tunnels so you don't get wet or freeze in the winter. I noticed a lot of Asian students and my first impressions of the student population was that it was quite cliquey. Asians hung with Asians and so on. The students were not as friendly compared to Clarkson. They were plugged in and tuned out. However the kids exhibiting the projects were very enthusiastic about sharing their projects. All in all Daniel did like the campus but thinks the Clarkson campus is more suited to the type of person he is. However he is considering overnighters at both campuses next year when he is  senior. Either way, both of these colleges will give an engineering student a fantastic education. Both colleges will take about 5 years to graduate because of the Coop requirements.