Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend at the Cabin

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Red Misty Morning

Ooops! Almost Flipping the Tube

Campfire Looking Down To The Lake

Jonboat as it pulls away from the dock

We arrived at the cabin to find the dock installed as we expected. We launched the little Jonboat at the nearby launch, then headed into Hammond to pick up the pontoon boat. That launch went without a hitch and Mike, Brent his friend from school and I drove the 15 minutes to our bay while Tom drove the trailer back. So now both boats are in and the cabin is truly open for the season. The weather was very nice, sunny and not too warm with temps hovering in the 70's. We love the Jonboat and it's much nicer than the previous vhull 14 footer we had. It's more stable and really flies. The kids took advantage of this as they puttered around all weekend and did some fishing. They got some tubing in despite the 65 degree water.  At night they built a fire and toasted marshmellows. Because Dan was playing and marching in the Memorial day Parade at home we had to leave at 6 AM Monday to be back in time to see him.
I started my second sock and am about to start the heel.