Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now This is a Magic cast-on I can understand!

In the latest pair of toe-up socks that I am doing, I opted for a provisional cast-on because I did not like the first one I had used at all. You had to hold two needles in one hand and it was awkward, resulting in a toe with loose stitiches and therefore holes. I had tried the magic loop cast-on but could not get it....until I found this video via the toe up sock knitters group.  NOW I understand! You really have to spoon feed me with some of these things and the other videos just didn't do it for me. Check this one out. It is the perfect cast-on for a perfect toe with no holes. 

Now my provisional cast-on which I used for this sock, made a perfect toe with no holes but there is a "seam". It's under the foot but so no biggy, but the magic loop seems far superior to me.

Onward to the second sock!