Monday, May 18, 2009

Tornado and Junior Prom Almost Meet

The kids had their prom on the same day that a tornado touched down in the very location they were to have their after prom party! Fortunately the tornado hit in the afternoon, well before the prom was due to start. This is a photo taken from the cell that my husband had, as he responded to the call as a volunteer fireman/EMT. Look at this tree sheared in two! Note the damage to one of the barns in the background. There will be more pics  soon.

Now on to the kids:

Dan and Bethany at home by the pond gazebo

Some of the kids rented a limo, which drove them to Cazenovia where they had dinner at the Brae Loch Inn. From there they went to the school for the prom. A good time was had by all even without the after prom party.

As to tornado, fortunately no one was badly injured. The owner of the farm received a broken elbow and wrist. One barn had the roof ripped off and the house also lost the roof. Naturally there was a huge downpour right afterwards so things got pretty wet in the house. A telephone pole was also sheared in two. There was a pretty detailed news report on News Channel 10.