Friday, June 05, 2009

I Got The Gold and Silver Too

I played in the New York Empire State (senior) Games yesterday and today. My partner scratched for the women's doubles so I was out of that. Yesterday my mixed doubles partner and I were down 14 to 3 against the eventual gold medal winners and managed to come back to lose 20-18. It was quite a game. At the end of the day, we were the silver medal winners. Today was the singles and I won the gold. I was pleased. I have to say though that it was very hard to get used to these courts which were just polished, and so the glare was terrible. I often completely lost the ball. My bracket was the 50-59 age group. I couldn't play last year because I was too young! I was amazed at how agile the 70-75 age group was. Staying active really pays off.

I had never been to the SUNY Cortland Campus and was quite impressed. It is one of the best teacher schools in the country. Last year out of some 20,000 applications, only 1,100 got accepted. Of course I got lost finding the place and lost trying to find the sports complex.

Here Rascal is modeling the medals.

Too bad the gold isn't really gold!